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effective legal defense

We’re the Law Firm of Frank W. Miller.

We provide effective legal defense to public and private sector entities, specializing particularly in representing municipalities, school districts, and private employers in all aspects of their administration and operations.

Our days are spent helping our clients evaluate options to determine which will best accomplish their goals and avoid risk of legal liability.

When, despite due care, our clients find themselves the targets of litigation or administrative proceedings, we provide aggressive defense.

We defend and represent our clients with skill, dedication, integrity, and professionalism born of expertise.

At all times we ensure our clients are kept apprised of pertinent developments and are in a position to make informed decisions.

We also provide in-service training to give our clients the tools to take advantage of legal opportunities and to steer away from potential mishaps.

We don’t charge high fees to pay for marble tables or executive-class travel.

We don’t use phrases like “cross-integration of services” and “downstream efficiencies.” We just do the work.

And we make sure you’re protected.

The Law Firm of Frank W. Miller.

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